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Maize And Sorghum Fortified Porridges

Product Comparisons

Our range of fortified breakfast and high protein 
porridges / cereals provide customers with a selection to choose from. Manufactured using either Maize, Sorghum or a combination of the two, careful attention has been paid to ensure that all our porridges / cereals include the full spectrum of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to not only provide a tasty serving but also, ensure a balanced nutritious meal. Our porridge / cereal options are offered in a variety of flavours and pack sizes, ranging from 500g to 25kg.

Product Usage

Our Porridges have been designed to suit specific customer bases ranging from high protein meals to a fortified breakfast cereal for everyday use. All products are ready for use and mix instantly with either hot or cold milk / water, thus no cooking time required.

Product Benefits

Our fortified and highly nutritious porridges / cereals contain Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6 as well as Zinc, Iron and Folic acid to promote a healthy lifestyle. Selected porridge / cereal options also contain pro-biotic ingredients to combat diarrhea, viral infections and support a healthy immune system.