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Bredies Stews And Soy Mince

Product Comparisons

The words Stew and Bredie are synonymous and are interchangeable.
 In the FUNA range we have a wide variety of Bredie and Stew options, which are all tasty meal-in-one products. These products are a combination of soy protein and gravy powders with other ingredients such as rice, noodles, cheese and dehydrated vegetables varying from product to product. The FUNA minces also serve as a meal-in-one, but are only combined with gravy powder.
Notably, The FUNA Savoury (RS) mince has been approved by the Department of Basic Education (SA) for supply to the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP).

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Product Usage

The Bredies / Stews are often used as a meal-in-one, but are also used as rich filling relishes served on bread, maize meal, potatoes, rice or pasta. The minces can be used in a similar manner to the bredies and stews, but can also be used as a mince meal extender. Specific applications are in the making of burgers, frikkadels, cottage pie and lasagna. In order to enhance the flavour of all the products, heat up some oil in the pot, add chopped onions and saute prior to the addition of the product and water.

Product Benefits

Soy protein is an excellent economical source of protein, therefore all the Bredies, Stews and Minces are affordable nutritious food products. Generally the higher the level of protein the more expensive the product, however the FUNA range offers a product to suite every budget.