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Powdered Soft Drinks (PSD’s) & Hi Tonix

Product Comparisons

Nutritional Foods offers a comprehensive selection of powdered soft drinks (PSD) with various mixing ratios thus making our product versatile and affordable. The range consists of 3 different product ranges and each product group has various flavours. Our PSD range has a dilution ratios between 6g and 10g per 100ml, whilst the SUNGOLD Hi-Tonix range comes in 7 different flavours and have been scientifically formulated to replace essential minerals and electrolytes lost during physical exercise, sport or work. Our PSD options are available in various flavours and pack sizes ranging from 240g to 25kg pack formats.

Product Usage

The major use of all our powdered soft drinks is to produce cost effective nutritional beverage options. Whilst fair quantities are used by households the main usage is in bulk feeding such as School Feeding Programs, the Mining Industry, Hospitals, Prisons and many other catering outlets. A number of the products are also used by entrepreneurs to make ice lollies, milk based ready-to-drink cold drinks and normal ready-to-drink cold drinks. The SUNGOLD Hi-Tonix range is used throughout the mining and commercial farming industries, as they demand high levels of physical exertion as well as by schools for sports days.

Product Benefits

All our PSD’s offer cost effective and tasty thirst quenching soft drink options. The products are a valuable source of vitamins (and in particular vitamin C) for most consumers. In addition, the products contain no preservatives and are tartrazine free.