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Product Comparisons

Our dessert offering includes the range of Super Jelly, Classic Jelly, Super Custard, Classic Custard, Sponge Cake Mix and Instant Pudding options. All of the products are easy to prepare as they only require the addition of water. Sponge Cake Mix needs the addition of some oil, but does not require the addition of fresh eggs as the egg powder is incorporated in the recipe. Our dessert options are offered in various flavours and pack sizes ranging from 500g to 25kg pack sizes.

Product Usage

The Desserts were originally developed for the catering industry, as easy to prepare desserts requiring only the addition of water. Our dessert options have become increasingly popular with Hospitals and Old Age homes as they are served in various combinations giving the customer a variety of cost effective desserts from a small range of products.

Product Benefits

The Jellies are rich in vitamin C, however the main benefits of the products are that they are easy to prepare and make cost effective tasty desserts. Stock control is simplified in that no additional ingredients are required and product wastage is reduced.