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Funa Soup Powders

Product Comparisons

The FUNA soup range endeavors to provide customers with a wide selection of flavours, spread over two product ranges, namely the Hearty and Savoury Chef Econo ranges respectively. The Savoury Chef Econo range of soups has a wide variety of flavour options, whilst the Hearty range concentrates on the basic flavours. All our FUNA Soups require reasonable cooking time of approximately 20 minutes. Our Soup options are offered in a variety of pack sizes, ranging from 500g to 25kg.

Product Usage

All our soup powders are naturally formulated to produce tasty prepared soups to be consumed on their own. However, all our soup products on offer are very versatile and can be used as relishes, with or without added ingredients, or as gravies or sauces. In addition the Hearty Soups can be used as thickeners and taste enhancing bases for stews and other meat dishes.

Product Benefits

All of these soups have a 3%-4% protein content per 100g. The major benefit in using the FUNA soup products is the provision of good energy values at a very low cost. Each serving of any of the FUNA Soups gives the consumer at least 50 kilojoules of energy.