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Milk Powders / Blends & Creamers

Product Comparisons

The SUNGOLD range of milk powders & blends consist of Economix and Coffee Creamers (18% / 24%). Our powdered milk options offer cost effective solutions to all catering customers. The Coffee creamers have been formulated to have 18% (Low Fat) & 24% (Full Cream) fat content. Our Milk Powder and Creamer options are available in various pack sizes rangeing from 500g to 25kg pack formats.

Product Usage

The SUNGOLD milk powders and coffee creamers are products directed at industrial catering outlets, prisons, bulk consumers and the mining industry as a milk replacement. The smaller pack sizes; 500g and 3kg, are also well suited to FMCG retail and Wholesale outlets.

Product Benefits

The SUNGOLD Economix has a protein content of 8% and the SUNGOLD coffee creamers are non-dairy based and have been formulated to enhance the flavour of your coffee.